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Students are in CRISIS.  Whether it’s parents divorcing, struggles with drugs or porn, self-image issues, our students need a place where they can find healing, hope, and support.  This year, HSM will be that place!  We are launching a new program this year called CRISIS NIGHTS: Healing Through Stories.  On the first Wednesday night of every month, we will bring in storytellers who will share their personal struggle on the topic and how God has brought them healing and restoration.  Students ... Read more

Ryan Hall Teaching at FLOOD

DO NOT MISS THURSDAY AT FLOOD!!! Last week Ryan Hall lead us in worship through singing. This week, Ryan is going to be teaching while Brian is away speaking at a retreat. It is ALWAYS such a powerful time when Ryan teaches. So we will see you this week at 6:30pm. Read more


Join us for our new series: Relate. How do you relate with others? Tough to give a straight answer, right? You’re not alone. (more…) Read more

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